Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I Promise To Stop Talking About My Vacation

Eventually. But first let me talk some more about What I Did On My Summer Vacation.

I got a tan. Sort of. I couldn't lay in the 110 degree heat for very long, so I stayed in the shade as much as possible.

I got stung by a fire ant while floating on a raft in the pool. (I guess it was HIS raft or something. Sheesh!)

I saw dinosaurs and learned that evolution is a bunch of baloney! For some reason, whoever manages the dinosaurs in Cabazon, California doesn't think that whole "evolution" thing is true, and the brochures available at the gift shop, as well as their official Web site, explain as much. Weird.

I touched clothes that were once worn by Ginger Rogers, and bought a purse she May or May Not Have Owned. There's a great thrift store in Palm Springs called Celebrity Seconds, and it's full of Ginger Rogers' hand me-downs. Alas, she was a size 4 (with size 6 feet) so I wasn't able to buy any of her previous outfits, but it was still amazing to check them out. It's like a costume museum where everything is for sale.


Anonymous said...

I would have loved to have browsed through Celebrity Seconds. Isn't it amazing how tiny these stars were/are ? I mean Vera Ellen's waist was, I believe, 17 inches, and I once saw an outfit that was worn by Jane Powell, and that dress was so must have been a size 2.

Chuck said...

I just can't get over that dinosaur website. "Intelligent" Designers show up in the craziest places.

Jess Hutch said...

Jeff and I walked into the dinosaur gift shop/crazy anti-evolution center, turned around, and walked out. You can't blow the stink of that kind of nuttiness off yourself fast enough.