Friday, January 27, 2006

Don't Puke Where You Sleep

In the middle of the night (oh, who am I kidding? it was around 8am) my cat started meowing incessantly. She crept over to the side of the bed I was sleeping on and started meowing in my face, and when I rolled over to get away from her, she went to the other side of the bed and did it again. When I put a pillow over my head, she sat on the pillow and started meowing. I finally yelled, "What is your problem? Shaddup!" And she did.

She's normally very quiet and sleeps through the night with me. She falls asleep at the foot of the bed, but by the time I get up, she's moved to the top and I usually wake up with her sleeping right next to my head. I never even notice her creeping up on me during the night, so this bit of meowing was a bit weird.

It wasn't until I began to make my bed after I woke up that I realized what it was all about. She had puked on the comforter, and had been meowing because, I assume, she wanted me to wake the hell up and clean it.

I think this can be viewed one of two ways: She's a stupid cat because she didn't bother to jump off the bed to throw-up, and instead puked where she sleeps.

Or: She's a smart cat because she knows she can puke wherever the hell she wants, and she can just wake me, and I'll clean it up.

I choose the latter. And me not waking up was my way of telling her, "Nu-uh! I ain't waking up to clean YOUR mess!"

I also choose to ignore the fact that my refusing to wake up means I allowed her puke to soak into my comforter, because, y'all, that's just not the point.

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