Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Please, Tell Your Friends About This Show

One of the best things about being unemployed is being able to watch an episode of "Arrested Development" at 11pm (thanks to TiVo) while eating a late dinner of Fruit Loops (because of the lack of money. Cereal is cheap!) and then watch it again three times in a row (because you don't need to go to bed early. And because it's an absolutely hilarious episode.)

Even though I knew this episode was coming, and I had read about the "HBO" and "Showtime" jokes already, I was not suspecting the 3D, celebrity appearances, and "live" ending.

It was a completely brilliant episode and a fitting end to the series, if that is indeed the case. I know it's not on next week, but I thought there was at least one more episode in the can...guest starring Justine Bateman as Michael Bluth's previously unknown sister.

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JessRedRose said...

I loved the last episode... but it also made me so sad. They were told about the shortened season before they made it, right? Because Michael's big speech at end made me weep a little - oy. Good thing they had the Uncle Jack episode on afterward to soften the blow.