Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Please! Make Another Joke About Being Chinese or Gay! HAHAHAHAHAH!

There's more talky talk about that NBC show "The Book of Daniel" and how it's loosing advertisers. I watched the pilot last week, and didn't find it very shocking as far as its take on religion is concerned (of course, it could have featured puppy sacrifices in front of a pagan temple and I wouldn't of been shocked. OK...maybe a LITTLE shocked.) But I was surprised at how BAD it was. The humor was forced and delivered by actors who think they're being cute, when in reality, they just sound like they don't know how to be funny. And the moments between the priest and Jesus? Painful. There was a bit where Jesus says something "funny" and the priest starts to laugh, and laugh, and LAUGH, so unnaturally that I thought he was being sarcastic. But no, Aidan Quinn was just doing a really bad fake laugh.

So, I'm not going to shed any tears if it gets pulled before all the episodes air, but I would hope it would be because the show sucks, and not because of its religios content.

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