Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yes, Happy Birthday!

I had a great birthday!

I rented a Mini Cooper convertible, and kept the top down all day. I also kept the top of the car down all day, too. BADUM-DUM!

I woke up pretty early (pre-11am is early for me these days) and drove a friend to San Rafael for a job interview and found a mall to wander around while I waited. Then I came back to the city, dropped off my friend, went to the library to pick up some books, and then decided to around.

First I hit Twin Peaks. It was a pretty bleak day, but the sun was breaking through the clouds enough to cast a nice glow on the view. I headed to Ocean Beach after that, getting a sandwich at some cafe at the end of Judah. Unfortunately, after telling them THREE TIMES to hold the mustard and the onions I opened up my sandwich after driving to the beach to find it was...covered with mustard and onions. What is wrong with people?

After driving the stretch of highway by the beach (the Great Highway?) I headed to the road by the Palace of the Legion of Honor, down towards Baker Beach and through the Presidio. I was hoping to jump into the San Francisco Bay ala Madeline in "Vertigo," but was sad to find the fort at Fort Point completely chained off, and the whole area unpleasant with the sounds of people working on the Golden Gate Bridge above.

So I left and made my way to Coit Tower and took the elevator to the top. I think I did that as a child, but I haven't been up there since. It's kind of weird. There's NOTHING up there, it's just the top of the tower--no roof--with glassed-off windows overlooking the City. A stunning view, yes, but there's something about the place that just feels uncared for.

I strolled down the Greenwich steps hoping to see some parrots, but all I saw were a few hummingbirds. And while I certainly envy all the people that get to live in those fabulous homes with the equally fabulous views, I can't say I envy anyone who has to lug their groceries up those steps to get to their house.

After that I headed to my Grandmother's and later went to dinner with my parents. It was a pretty great birthday. I love being able to go to San Francisco's touristy spots in the middle of the week, during winter, when there's no one around, traffic is sparse, and the parking is plentiful.

Of course, the birthday celebrating isn't over yet. This weekend still counts as my birthday, and I hope you all know that.

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Kel said...

Happy birtday! cool idea with the mini - smart!