Monday, January 16, 2006

Koko Sad

Today's a holiday. For those people who have to work, all I can say is what's up with that? Why would a company not give its employees MLK Day off? Of all the holidays to withhold from your workers, it seems to me that this is the last one you'd be stingy with. There's no way it doesn't make you look bad.

So I'll take the holiday for all my peeps who have to be at the office today, and I won't do any work! Of course, I don't have a job, so every day is Martin Luther King, Jr. day to me. To make up for that, I won't do any blogging. Uh, aside from this post...

Tonight is the Golden Globe Awards, and I am really, really not at all excited about it. As most of you know, I hold my excitement for the big show, the Oscars, so I could really not care less who wins tonight. Everyone says it's a good barometer for the Oscars, but until I figure out just what the hell the Hollywood Foreign Press actually is, I'm not going to take that too seriously.

This weekend I had a fancy dinner (and frankly, wasn't too impressed with the food), and went to a rock show (for about an hour. I'm old.)

I also saw "King Kong."

That was the saddest movie I have ever seen. Ever. At times, I just couldn't stand to watch it, and I had to stop looking at the screen and just stare at the wall. Last month, my cousin told me that when he went to see it, he had to leave the theater before the end of the movie because it was too sad. I kind of thought that was silly, but I had the same exact feeling as I was watching it. If I was that sad before Kong even got to New York, there was no way I was going to get through the ending without some serious sobbing. I think if I ever watch it again, I'm just going to have to turn it off after the sunset scene on the mountain top, and just pretend that Kong and Ann live happily ever after in some kind of platonic Tarzan and Jane evermore.


Eve said...

Your reaction is exactly why I said I could never see that movie in my column -- and then some asshole reader called me a pussy. Jerk.

Rain said...

It really was almost too much for me to take. And I almost feel silly about that, because there I was sobbing over the death or a digital creation. But such is the magic of the cinema!