Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Knit (Knitted?) a Pair of Socks!

I don't have a job. These are the things that bring me excitement these days. Sue me.

They don't really match, and the second one I did is way better than the first one, but they're actually wearable, and don't have any noticeable holes, so that's good enough for me. They were done on four double-pointed needles, and I was finally able to get the whole sock-knitting concept down, which is the biggest thrill of all.

I also made two hats and finished a scarf. Like I said, I'm unemployed. It's easier to save money when you don't actually leave the house.


JessRedRose said...

Woo! They look great! Make me some!

rachael said...

whoa! you have some serious knitting skillage. teach me teacher.