Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Miss Golden Globes

Yeah. I watched them. Here are my thoughts.

Thanks, Golden Globes musical director, for that awful "Don't Cha" redux, ("Dontcha think that Reese has a shot tonight? Dontcha?...Dontcha?"), which only helped to make me cringe--and remind me that I need to download the original and add it to my "Horrible Pop Songs That Are Awesome" mix CD.

Also, thanks George Clooney, for making me look-up who the hell Jack Abramoff is.

Drew Barrymore--bras are your friend. Do not be afraid of them.

Geena Davis's lying about a little girl who told her she had inspired her to be president one day made up for the awful dress she was wearing.

Hugh Laurie's speech was also good. If only I found him as amusing on his show. I know "House" has gotten tons of praise, and people seem to love it, but I've tried to watch it, and I find him intolerable. He overplays his character; there's no sublety at all. And that's not necessarily bad, but it just doesn't work for me in the context of the show.

Melanie Griffith's daughter Dakota really, REALLY looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but on stage as "Miss Golden Globe." Poor girl.

I never even knew that Steve Carell was married to Nancy Walls. She was on "The Daily Show" too. I'm dumb.

I'm really pleased that Mary Louise Parker beat out all of the Desperate Housewives for her portrayal of a desperate widow on "Weeds." Her performance puts all those Housewives to shame, and the show is a much better satirical look at suburbia. Speaking of which, "Desperate Housewives" won for best comedy, which is just wrong. And if they're awarding it for this season, that's REALLY wrong. The show was barely entertaining in its first season, and outright sucks now.

Jean Rhys Meyers, what the hell did you just say?

Anthony Hopkins, blah blah blah.

"Brokeback Mountain," yadda yadda.

And yay, "Lost"!

The End.


Kmeelyon said...

One of the best things about your blog is that you say all of the things that I'm thinking. I totally wondered why Drew Barrymore wasn't wearing a bra. And I loved Geena Davis's speech. I have to admit that I haven't seen "Weeds," or "Desperate Housewives," and I was STILL chocked that Mary Louise Parker won. Also she had a really sucky couple of years w/Crudup leaving her for Claire Danes. She *deserves* an award. I also thought Melanie Griffith's daughter needed some coaching on smiling and looking pleased to be at the ceremony. Okay. I'm done. It's bedtime.

rachael said...

ok so what about ryan phillippe or however you spell it, violently slamming reese in the back when she won?!jealous?

Rain said...

I had the same thoughts when Mary Louise Parker won. I was also wondering how Naomi Watts is feeling about Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, although I have no idea if the two of them were even still together when Ledger started "Brokeback Mountain." Man...the energy I waste on these things!

As for Ryan Phillipe, who the hell knows. He was obviously on something as was demonstrated with his need to yell at Joaaquiine that he'd won a bet when he was accepting his award. Ryan, shut the hell up and bask in the glow of your wife's superior talent, ok?