Thursday, June 22, 2006

Revenge of the Search Terms

I haven't done this in a while and thought it was about damn time.

Here are some of the best search terms that have lead people to my blog in the past several months:

amy sedaris bruise photo
terri hatcher peeing on the tonight show
(did that really happen?)
oscar the grouch on drugs
(if that's a question, the answer is yes)
snuffalufugus porn
(that must be porn that disappears the second someone walks in the room)
vincent d'onofrio RUMORS

strappped her to a chair
I WANT TO SEE LIVE CLIPS OF THE SHOW GROWING UP GOTTI (it's so cute to see the gotti boys googling themselves)
rabbit started screaming

michelle rodriguez's teeth

Chimps wearing diaper diapers
(would be funnier if it were monkeys)
peed pants New Year's Eve (another Teri Hatcher search?)
steve martin wearing a diaper

how to "flash someone" boobs (is there really a "right way" to do this?)

And the always popular Eva Pigford selection:
eva pigford boyfriend
eva pigford's boyfriend

does eva pigford have a boyfriend?
eva pigford is pregnant

Dude. Whether she has a boyfriend or not, you don't have a chance. Forget it!

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