Friday, October 17, 2008

The Fall of TV: Crusoe

I think "Crusoe" is the last premiere of a new fall TV show, or at least the last one I have any interest in. It is based, of course, on "Robinson Crusoe," and has not been updated, which is to say it takes place back then and not now. I'm sure the story will be changed a lot, but the reason I am kind of looking forward to this is I don't think it's like anything else on network TV right now. It doesn't involve any kind of police procedures, it isn't set in a hospital, and there are no lawyers or rich teenagers to be seen. One could argue the deserted island setting resembles both "Lost" and "Survivor," so I suppose it's not THAT original, but the chances of seeing a monkey on "Crusoe" are pretty high, so I'm watching it. The two-hour premiere starts at 8pm on NBC.

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