Monday, October 13, 2008

The Fall of TV: My Own Worst Enemy

Chalk up "My Own Worst Enemy" as another one of those shows I had hopes for that were dashed about halfway through the pilot. The plot is as such: Christian Slater plays Henry, your average suburban dad. He's also Edward, a superspy that works for some secret spy organization that only exists on TV. In fact, I think this agency is located in the same building as SD-6 from "Alias." At the beginning of the pilot, Edward the spy is aware for his other life as Henry the husband, but Henry is not aware of Edward, since the purpose of having a secret identity is that it remains secret. Or something. But that conceit is shattered pretty quickly, which seems to make the whole set-up of the series completely moot. Now they both know about the other. How is that advantageous to anybody?

Monday's on NBC had potential, but "Chuck" (which is a lot like "My Own Worst Enemy" with the average Joe as spy scenario) is completely boring me, "Heroes" is laughably bad, and now this. Not that I'm complaining. There's enough other crappy TV on for me to watch.

Here's an early trailer for the show which features a totally different actress as Henry's wife (she's now played by Madchen Amick). It also plays up the "neither one knows about the other" angle, which isn't true by the end of the pilot, and is only half true at the beginning.

Also, do you think Christian Slater wears a rug?

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