Friday, January 04, 2008

Cats, Dogs, Lemurs

Wow. That was something. The wind was so strong this morning it woke me around 7:00am, which is tough to do since I wear ear plugs when I sleep. But it was shaking the hell out of my building, and thus my bed, that I immediately thought "Earthquake!" until I removed said ear plugs and heard the commotion outside. Needless to say, I decided to work at home. (Which I was planning to do anyway since I am still at the stage of my cold where I need to run to a sink every five minutes to hack up part of a lung.)

Here's something exciting: I'm going to be in actual PRINT this Sunday, and every Sunday, on the cover of the "TV Week" mag in the Sunday Chronicle! You know, that little TV guide no one ever uses any more because everyone has online guides and TiVo? Exciting, yes? There will be a few pithy sentences on the cover written by me about some TV picks for the week. I'll also have a post up on Sunday on the SFGate Culture Blog with TV picks for the whole week. Both will be called "Tube Tops." Clever, yes? (You can thank my lovely and talented editor Eve for the title. If it were left up to me and my feverish state of mind it probably would have ended up being called "Me TV Like...YOU WATCH!")

Why does having 50 words in actual newsprint seem so much more exciting than entire blog posts on the Internets?

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