Friday, January 11, 2008

The Return of the Psycho Ex-Girlfriend?

Last night I watched "30 Rock"--the last episode of the season, unless the strike is settled, like, tomorrow--and loved it. Of course. During one scene, Liz Lemon starts to drunk dial a co-op board because they haven't called her back about the apartment she wants to buy. During one moment, she's on the floor of her bathroom and says, "I'm going to the hospital! I hope you're happy!!" and...well, click here and watch the clip. I can't figure out how to steal it and embed it here.

Back? OK. So, I immediately recognized that bit about going to the hospital as words spoken by the infamous Psycho Ex-Girlfriend whose crazed voicemails were on the Interwebs back in 2001. You can listen to them all here. Story was, this chick just left voicemail after voicemail on this guy's phone--about 50 messages, I think--each more crazed than the last. He posted them on a Web site, and a sensation was born. Oh, the innocent days of the Web! Anyway, I, like many people who listened to them, became a little obsessed by it. Were they real? Was it all a hoax? They certainly sounded real to me. But the alleged ex-boyfriend never divulged the ex-girlfriend's name, and she never showed up anywhere angrily screaming about how that jerk had embarrassed her on the Internet. (Of course, it probably would have been a smart move to keep your mouth shut about it.)

So, when I heard Liz Lemon channelling the Psycho-Ex Girlfriend, I started to check around and see if there was any further news about her. I found that someone on YouTube had posted all the original voicemails as videos, with helpful transcripts. Here's the one with the hospital bit:

Then I saw that someone else on YouTube had posted some psycho-ex girlfriend voicemails, different ones, saying that he thinks his ex is the same woman as the infamous voicemail ex. And I'll be a monkey's uncle, but the woman really does sound EXACTLY like the same chick. Here's one of the videos. Sound is pretty crappy, so be warned.

I commented on the video, asking if it was real, and the guy responded. (You can read the exchange on the YouTube page.) He insists they are real. Now, I know it's not unheard of for people to go through a lot of trouble to create a minor hoax on the Internet. But let's assume for a minute that this is real, and this woman did the same thing to this guy that she did to the original guy. That's weird enough. But here are some other "facts."

* She was apparently older than the guy she was dating during the original voicemail insanity. He was 25, and I think she was in her late 30s. The guy with the new voicemails is 26, and says he dated her two years ago, when he was 24. She must have been close to, or in her 40s at that point. Which, you know, fine. She likes 'em young.

* She is still leaving crazy voicemails. Which would mean she either never heard about all her voicemails turning into an Internet sensation, or she knows about it, and really doesn't care. Which would lend credence to the "psycho" part of her moniker.

* If you listen to some of this new guy's further voicemails (here and here) she starts talking about having his baby. What's THAT about? Did she have his baby? Or was that another "I'm going to the hospital" ploys to get him to call her back?

I guess I could engage in further exchanges with the guy on YouTube, but I'm reluctant because if it is a hoax, I don't want to seem like a total rube that bought into it. Even though that's totally what I am.

So, my obsession with the psycho ex-girlfriend continues. Is she real? WHO IS SHE? How can she be so crazy? And how can she be so crazy and continue to snag young guys into her crazy web of lunacy?

And if anyone ever finds out who she is, please don't give her my phone number.


Chuck said...

I don't have anything to say about the psycho ex-girlfriend, except: good catch.

I do however, want to say:
"So many different kinds of sparrows!"

And that Edie Falco is awesome.

Anonymous said...

This probably was real...It sounds too much like a situation I'm familiar with in my hometown.She's 38,he's 25.She's pregnant with this dude's kid.She's never been married(probably for good reason).

Jon said...
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