Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Journey Ends

I've got another Streets of San Fauxcisco post up on the SFGate: Culture Blog!, this one covering the final episode of "Journeyman." I'll have another post up tomorrow--something new and exciting!

On the cold front (MY cold, not the cold front currently blasting the City), I've reached the phase where I am constantly in danger of chocking to death on my own snot. This is the part of a cold I dread the most. It's horrible, and I'm no fun to be around, what with the constant hacking of loogies. HATE. IT.

Also, I don't know if it's the winds outside or what, but my DSL is acting completely douchey right now, flashing on and off for no good reason, allowing me to stay connected for all of two minutes at a time. What fun!

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k.papai said...

On my July 28 entry, I got some good photos of the filming on California St. This was episode #2, FRIENDLY SKIES.