Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost Is Found

Don't forget: tonight's the season premiere of "Lost" on ABC. But don't be fooled. It's not a two-hour premiere like the network would like you to think it is. The first hour, at 8pm, is just a recap show; the actual season premiere is at 9pm. I suppose there's a chance they'll put some goodies in the recap, but I've watched some of those recap eps in the past, and they've always proved to be kind of boring if you have any memory of what's been going on in the series. But then again, it's been eight months since last season, so maybe a recap isn't such a bad idea.

Also, did you watch the rerun of season three finale last night? How annoying were those pop up "facts" they threw in there? "Ben draws a mean triangulated map...and speaking of triangles, there's a mean love triangle going on between Jack, Sawyer, and Kate."


RBG said...

"Nice ride, Hurley!" Like, how does that add to my understanding of the show? Whose brilliant idea was that?!

Rain said...

Also, for anyone who hadn't seen the season finale before, they blew the surprise about the "flashback" within 5 seconds by writing "This is a flash forward..." Who does THAT help? Aside from stupid people who didn't get that the first time they watched.

Chuck said...

Worst idea ever. It made me long for the subtlety and wit of VH1's pop-up video.