Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's the Tops!

As reported earlier, some words I wrote are currently appearing on the cover of the "TV Week" supplement (sounds so fortifying!) in the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle. Here's a really bad pic of it over on the left (click on it for a larger view). My name's there and everything! (If you're looking through the paper and can't find the damn thing, much like I did earlier, it's there. It's just hidden inside the pages of the Pink Section, AKA the Datebook.)

Now here's the potentially confusing thing: On the next page of "TV Week" are some more weekly picks called "Best Bets." I did NOT write those. I actually have no idea who writes those, as there doesn't seem to be any credit given. Here's the deal with that, as I understand it. I think the Chronicle doesn't actually publish "TV Week." I think it's kind of a generic TV guide that appears in a lot of newspapers, and the Chronicle is able to "personalize" the cover while the rest is created by another company. So, if you want to read the rest of my weekly picks, you need to go online, like the cover says. Here's this week's post in handy link form!


Anonymous said...

Saw it today - nice to see your name in print now too!

Jess Hutch said...

Woo woo, congratulations!