Thursday, January 24, 2008

While I May Look Like a Monkey, the Jury Is Still Out On My Smelling Like One

Tomorrow is my birthday, WOOT! I'm going to Disneyland for the weekend, WOOT WOOT! I'll be flying down there tomorrow afternoon, WOO-OH NO!

It's no secret I hate flying, because of how TERRIFYING IT IS, and that terror will not be helped by the fact that we will be taking off during a storm. Fab. It's also supposed to be raining in Anaheim, but that actually doesn't bother me that much. It might keep the Disneyland crowds away, and I'd much rather it be cold than excrutiatingly hot. But still. The flying with the wind and the rain? No fair!

I probably should have known this would happen as it has rained on my birthday more often than not, and it normally doesn't bother me too much. And I'll try not to let it bother me this time, as I am clutching my arm rests in complete and utter fear on that chic Virgin Airlines plane.

Don't forget to check out the SF Gate Culture Blog on Sunday for my week of Tube Tops, and buy the paper on Sunday and check out that TV Week guide!

As for the photo above, that was taken on my third birthday, and to prove not much has changed, a few years ago I made myself a poncho in pretty much that same pattern, and my mother recently made me a hat much like the one I am wearing in the photo. Perhaps I will make my travelling companions don masks for much of the trip to help maintain tradition...


Laurel said...

Happy happy joy joy on your big day.

Do you still have that scar on your ankle from dancing in the rain? (It's odd the moments we recall...)

Rain said...

I DO remember that day running around in the rain, and falling, but I didn't remember I had gotten a scar from it. I think it must have faded, because I can't see it now.

And thanks for the birthday wishes!