Friday, May 13, 2005

Chivalry IS Dead

So I'm riding the bus to work this morning, and it is its usual jam-packed awfulness. We get to the stop where everyone gets off (Stockton street, natch) and I start to move to the rear to get a seat. In the back door, an older woman is trying to get her huge duffel bag, attached to a cart, off of the bus, and it's too wide to make it through the door without turning it sideways, which she can't do because she's very small and already off the bus, so the bag is stuck. And standing in the doorway are two guys, just staring at her as she struggles.


So *I* reach down and turn her bag sideways so she can get it out of the door. And in the process I break two nails down to the quick.

Jeeze! I really don't get some people. I mean, be a MAN, for chrissake!

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