Thursday, May 12, 2005

OK...Who Does, and Who Does Not Know About the Polar Bear??

Last night's Lost seemed kind of...tame. Kate's past is even more mysterious, the portal remains unopened (I love that the castaways continue to hike over to it...and stare at it. "We should open it!" "No we shouldn't! It doesn't have a handle!"), and Walt is spookier. I did like the random appearance of the weatherman at the beginning, "You need to leave tomorrow! Monsoon season is coming!...And now I'll be on my way, and you won't see me for the rest of the episode. Bye!"

I guess it's just all build-up for the finale, though really, they should start to tie-up some of these stories dontcha think? But no matter, I'm sure the finale will just BLOW US AWAY, man!

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