Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gag Me

I accidentally watched the last half of Rob and Amber Get Married last night, (there was nothing else on at 10pm, OK?) and I swear I rolled my eyes so hard they popped out of my head and tumbled under the couch. I should have left them there, but if I had I would have missed the moment when Amber gives Rob a necklace full of sand and a copy of a poem her mother gave her father the day they got married, and Rob laughs like a 12-year old at the line "so that I may never leave your breast," while reading the poem aloud in front of her parents! He's such a maroon!

After that, the only joy came from watching Amber's wedding veil get caught on a trellis as she walked down the aisle, and hearing Rob say "You taught me patient [sic]" during his vows.

Unless it's for a televised divorce court preceding, I do not want to see Rob and Amber on my TV ever. Again.

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