Tuesday, May 03, 2005

She Made the Right Choice. Of Course She Must Die!

First, let me admit that yes, I watch Jack and Bobby. I actually don't think it's that great, but the WB is kind enough to offer a nice "Easy View" repeat on Sundays at 6, and what the hell else is on Sundays at 6?


So I watch it. Recently Missy, a teenage character on the show, got pregnant. Being that she was the daughter of a minister, and no longer with the boyfriend that got her pregnant, she tried to trick her ex, Jack, into marrying her. The ruse was exposed and she was kicked out of the house by her parents. The prospect of being a teenage, unwed, homeless mother didn't have much of a draw, so she chose to have an abortion. There was surprisingly little drama about the decision, and the next week she was back in school, depressed, of course--who wouldn't be?--but seemingly OK with the decision.

By the end of the episode, she was dead.

Abortions rarely happen on primetime shows. Usually, the mother-to-be has a change-of-heart about her unwanted pregnancy or, as is more often the case, we get a nice, convenient miscarriage. (Movies aren't immune to this either. Even the "controversial" abortion comedy Citizen Ruth ends with a convenient miscarriage!) I had such high hopes for this "Jack & Bobby" storyline, especially since the show is home to one of the most liberal characters to grace (sorry....her name is indeed "Grace") primetime TV. But no. They couldn't allow the character of Missy to live her life without punishment for her horrible sin, so of course she had to die in a car accident.

The deed is done. The character is dead. And there is no amount of pro-choice bias the show might attempt to pile on now that will change that. And I want to know why more people aren't talking about this! Paging Heather Havrilesky! Yoo-hoo surfergirl! Hey TV Gal, how about giving it more than a "I'm sure it'll turn out fine" comment? I know the show is low-rated, but doesn't this deserve some comment?

I'm waiting...

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