Monday, May 16, 2005

A TV Shark Is Not a Babysitter

Many networks have announced their Fall TV line-ups, and for the most part, it sounds like business as usual.

Looks like "The Office" has been renewed, and NBC will also air a new sitcom starring Jason "I Thought He Was Cool Until I Found Out He's a Scientologist" Lee. Martha Stewart's "Apprentice" will air on Wednesday nights, while the Donald's "Apprentice" is sticking to Thursdays.

"Arrested Development" on Fox is indeed being renewed, (SO HAPPY!) while "Jack & Bobby" on the WB is not. (While its recent abortion = death storyline bugged me, I still appreciated much of the show, and would have liked to see it come back for a second season.)

Perhaps I will have more to say about these new/returning shows in the coming days, but for now, that's all I have time for. Stupid work!

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