Friday, May 20, 2005

Enough With the Star Wars

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around all the things wrong with "Sith" (aside from the word "Sith.") I remembered reading an essay by a total fan boy a few years back in which he lamented that the third film would ruin the movies that came first, and he detailed how Lucas could possibly fix it. I found the piece again today, called Star Wars: The Prelude Problem and I don't know if the guy went back and re-wrote it, but if it was indeed written in 2000, then the Force is strong with this one, because he was able to predict a lot of the moments that actually made it into Episode III (for better or worse). His basic idea is pretty good (it's an attempt to maintain the "I am you father" shock moment of "Empire") but I kind of disagree that big reveal is necessarily lessened with the existence of "Sith." Instead of it being a shock for us, the audience, I believe we are instead asked to identify with Luke, and have an "Uh-oh! He's about to find out the truth. That's gotta be tough" moment when those "I. Am your father..." words are spoken.

Oh my god. When did I turn into such a raving "Star Wars" geek? This is freaking me out. But at least I can spell a little better than the person who wrote the above-linked article.


JessRedRose said...

So now will you have some sympathy for this poor Lord of the Rings geek?

I think in your case you are (like many folks who enjoyed the original three) totally confounded by the wasted opportunity of the last three movies Lucas has released. They could have been so cool. They weren't. Why not? WHY NOT, GEORGE?

So we spend so much time mulling it over and working out the inconsistencies when really what we're trying to figure out is "why aren't they good? Would it have been hard to make them good?"

My theory, anyway.

Rain said...

I will have sympathy for you when three prequels to "Lord of the Rings" are released, and they totally suck. THEN you will know MY pain!

The thing is, it would not have been hard to make them good. He could still have made that crappy Phantom Menance and then just listened to the fans and their complaints about it, and then made a kick-ass two and three. But he didn't, and now we have a trilogy of suck.

But then again, it seems a lot of fans actually like this stinky pile, which I just do not understand. So, there's no explanation anymore. I think some star wars geeks are just so distracted by their excitment in seeind the Darth Vader mask, and the white interiors of some spaceships, and hearing the names Luke and Leia, that they are forgetting that the movie surrounding those moments is awful.