Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I watched Tom Cruise on Oprah yesterday, and there was something really fishy about some of it. Near the begining of the show, Oprah asks how he met Katie Holmes. And he hems and haws, and haws and hems, and it really comes across as him scrambling to come up with some kind of plausible story about how he met her. Eventually he says something about "admiring" her, and wanting to meet her because of her work, or some such crap. It reeked of bull. I mean, when people are as in love as those two say they are, they talk about every friggin' detail of how they met, even if it is just "I had my agent call her agent, and we set up a meeting about a movie, but the minute we started talking there was a spark and blah blah blah." Was it just that he couldn't bring himself to say, "The Scientologist offices spent several months coming up with a suitable mate for me, and she met all the qualifications. So here was are!" and he hadn't really thought enough about it ahead of time to come up with any other answer?

I make no apology for thinking Tom Cruise is pretty friggin' hot. But that doesn't make his Scientology affliation and sexual ambiguity any less strange. He can jump on Oprah's couch and talk about Katie's "generosity" as much as he wants. I ain't buying it.

And to any Scientologists who might be reading this: Just kidding. Scientology is awesome!


Jess Hutch said...

I didn't see it, but I find the whole thing incredibly hilarious. I wonder why they didn't just start having sex on the set of the show... THAT'LL show 'em!

Rain said...

Defamer has some good screen caps from the show. It really was nuts.