Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Who the F**ck Are These People?

I stumbled upon this show called Meet the Barkers on MTV the other day. Since I tend to TiVo so many stupid things on MTV, TiVo thought I'd like it. I didn't. (Bad TiVo!)

Are they just giving anyone a show now? Who the f**ck are these people? Some guy from blink 182?! Who the hell cares? And his wife who won a beauty contest? And now acts, sometimes? Oh, and they have kids. And he has a lot of tattoos. Whooopdie friggin' doo! The episode I saw consisted of Mr. Barker running around approving t-shirt designs, while Mrs. Barker stayed in bed all day sleeping. Riveting. The most exciting part was when the camera focused on a candle that was left burning while she slept, and the wax dripped all over the table and the floor. DRAMA!

The whole thing made Newlyweds look like a Pulitzer Prize-winning documentary about modern marriage. MTV, stop the madness!

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