Thursday, May 19, 2005

If They Should Bar Wars, Please Let These Star Wars...Stay

OK....I don't want to give anything away, but Obi-Wan and Yoda live! Who knew?

Seriously, I don't feel I should discuss too much about "Episode III" until other people have seen it, or have told me they don't care if I spoil it or not. But you know in actuality, there aren't really any spoilers to be had. As referenced above, we know how those big fights turn out, so there really isn't much in the way of suspense. The only spoilers would be in revealing the details of how the stuff plays out.

Two (only slightly spoiler-ish) things though...

OK. Three things:

* R2D2 screaming? Hilarious in "Episode IV." But four times in the first ten minutes here? Thanks for killing the laugh, Lucas.

* That whole losing-a-hand symmetry we got with "Episode II" and "V" tends to lose its significance when almost everyone who gets into a light saber duals loses a hand or two.

* One thing Darth Vader, (and I'm talking the leather-and-steel-clad machine/man Vader) should never do is stand on a platform, raise his arms above his head, and scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

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