Thursday, June 02, 2005


OK. I admit it. I kinda liked Beauty and the Geek. Not since "Joe Millionaire" has a room full of girls been so dim. And the geeks? Wonderfully geeky. One even got a nosebleed. Twice! Seriously, how do you cast for that? That's just too perfect.

Of course they had to throw in the one geek who is actually really cute (Brad), and of course he doesn't even have to spend one night alone before one of the bimbos is crawling into bed with him. And of course he didn't kick her out of bed for being dumb. I found that plotline a little annoying. We need a level playing field here, people!

The best part came at the ending challenge, when two girls were being quizzed on politics. Faced with the question, "Who was President during the Civil War?" the girl replied, "Hoover?" When told that was wrong she said, "Oh, right. D-Day!"


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