Monday, June 13, 2005

Have You Heard the One About Xenu?

Seriously, I know. Enough with the Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise brouhaha. So she's converting to Scientology. We all saw that coming.

But I do think it should be pointed out that when she was on Letterman last week, she admitted that they've known each other for six weeks.


Shouldn't they give it, say, two months before making these insane proclamations and conversions?

Also, she couldn't come up with a story about how they met either. What is UP with that?


JessRedRose said...

Did you read the EW interview with Tom Cruise? He claims that folks don't get it because they clearly haven't been that happy before. Sorry, but his version of "happy" seems scarily forced and false - like the way his character in Magnolia would act if asked to pretend to be happy about something.

This whole thing is seriously creepy! Poor Katie Holmes, being pulled into his web of LIES!

Jeff said...

If Travolta hadn't beaten them to it, they could have co-starred in the movie version of Battlefield Earth. "Tom Cruise is Terl!"