Monday, June 27, 2005


Well, as demonstrated by the post below, this weekend was kind of sucky. My excitement over my new cable was overshadowed by the tragedy that befell my TiVo. I've reached the acceptance stage of grief over that, and I'm trying to look at the bright side. While I lost some recordings and season passes that I had managed to save for years, the hard drive cleaning has resulted in a zippier TiVo. Also, since it's summer, I didn't have as many season passes to recover as I usually do. I did my best to get them all back, but I'm sure I've forgotten some...

The biggest annoyance was that the "this will take an hour" message was a load of bull, as I suspected. I was afraid it might not recover at all (I had read horror stories from other people wherein it just stayed on that screen for days) but instead it took about 4 hours. After which I had to do the whole TiVo set-up thing, and it had to make The Call and get all the programming stuff, and index it and everything, so that took another 4 hours. Which meant I didn't have anything recorded for Sunday.

And that would normally be fine, because I had planned on spending the weekend with some Netflix movies, in an attempt to save some money by not going out. But, you see, someone STOLE MY DVDS! My mailbox has been broken for a couple of months now (a long story, and partly my fault, which is why I haven't had the landlord fix it. Like I said, long story. ) but I figured, it's behind a gate, and I'm sure my neighbors are trustworthy. If they see my mailbox is open, they aren't going to STEAL anything, for pete's sake.

Wrong. WRONG!

None of my three Netflix DVDs arrived this week, even though they were sent out to me on Monday. And, come to think of it, I haven't gotten a few issues of some magazines in a while either. Damn IT! So, to the asshole who took my movies, I really hope you enjoyed In the Realms of the Unreal. Something tells me if you're the kind of idiot who steals mail, you're not the kind of person who would enjoy a documentary about outsider art. Jokes on you!

So, the majority of my Sunday was devoted to reprogramming my TiVo which, what with all the new stations and all, took a loooong time. But I was able to catch a showing of The Long, Long Trailer on TCM, so the day wasn't a complete bust...

And hopefully the sad, blank screen that is my "Now Showing" list will fill up soon with my season pass recordings and kooky TiVo suggestions...

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