Saturday, June 25, 2005


I was so happy. I figured out how to get the TiVo and my new digital cable to be friends, and I was programming movies left and right. Sure, there's a bit of a lag time when I change channels, but patience is a virtue, right?

What I couldn't stand, though, was the fact that TiVo kept bringing up this stupid demo screen and video every 30 minutes---WHILE I was watching stuff. So I did some looking on the Internets and found what I thought was the answer from the TiVo site.

But it wasn't....oh, it wasn't. The advice they gave was for a different model, so when I did it on mine, it ended up RESETTING THE ENTIRE TIVO. It didn't even give me a warning. No "Are you SURE this is what you want to do?" message. It just did it! That means all my season passes, the recordings I had saved, all my favorites, gone. Five years of slow and steady TiVo programming gone. Forever!

And now I'm stuck looking at a screen that says "Clearing and deleting everything. This will take an hour." Like a constant taunt. And I just KNOW it's going to take more than an hour--if it ever reboots at all....

Oh TiVo. Why hast thou forsaken me?


Anonymous said...

Oh Rain....that is just sickening !!! I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rain said...

Thank you. It really is a tragedy (ha!). I'm trying to looks at the bright side of it now. I have more room for programs now that the stuff I saved is..GONE! And it will be...uh..."fun" to comb through the hundreds and hundreds of programs in the guide to search for the shows I might have forgotten about. It's like doing a major housecleaning: you feel kind of bad for throwing out some things, but you're happier about all the extra space.

Maybe it will compell me to do some ACTUAL housecleaning and clear out space in my tiny, cramped, cluttered apartment!