Friday, June 24, 2005

Holy Shitsu!

I just perused the monthly schedule for Turner Classic Movies and nearly had a stroke. There are TOO MANY MOVIES I WANT TO WATCH! What have I gotten myself into? The tiny, measly bit of a real life I have will soon evaporate, my muscles will atrophy, and I won't be able to leave the couch for more than bathroom breaks and opening the door for the occasional delivery of food.

I'm doomed.

But look! The Manster! A film briefly discussed on this very blog not too long ago!

Maybe being a shut-in won't be so bad after all.


JessRedRose said...

I know how you can preserve your social life in the face of such temptation... invite me over so I can watch too. I'm so jealous. And, I'll bring news from the outside world.

Rain said...

How's this, I'll just leave my door permanently open and you can stop by whenever you like. And that will also eliminate that whole "opening the door for food" problem.