Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Yes. That's me and Bruce Campbell. Clearly, it was a shocking experience for me (either that, or the two-hours I had to wait in line to get his autograph had finally taken their toll.) He was at the Balboa Theater last night to sign books and introduce his movie The Man With the Screaming Brain, and he was as funny and affable as he always seems to be in interviews and DVD commentaries and everywhere else he's ever popped up. He was so friendly, in fact, that every person who got something signed was allowed to sit down next to him, chat away, and have a picture taken. Which meant the line that was formed around the block crept along at a snail's pace. Bless the Balboa, but I don't think they were near prepared for the numbers of people that showed, because their attempts at crowd control were laughable.

In the end it worked out OK, although MAN is that theater out in the boondocks. Not a part of town where you can walk out and hail a taxi, that's for sure. I had to wander about 10 blocks before stumbling upon a bus that--thankfully--stops a block from my house. Of course, I had to wait 30 minutes for it, and didn't get home until after midnight, (and I was at the EARLY show!) but in the end it was worth it...



Anonymous said...

Ah Rain, you should caption that picture " wasn't me...". Remember him as Briscoe County Jr. ? I liked him even then.


Rain said...

Someone in the theater asked him if "Briscoe County Jr." was ever coming to DVD, and his reply was, "I love how people think actors actually know that stuff. Truth is, I have no f**king idea."

Jeff said...

Mr. Campbell (I know better than to call him plain old "Bruce") made an offhanded remark about the day he'd get to "play Spiderman" in one of Sam Raimi's movies: I noticed the cheers and whoops that got from the fanboys/fangirls in the house.

I've read dozens of message board posts about how the man would make the perfect Superman, Batman, Mad Max, Venom, Jesus, Jor-El, Wolverine, Abraham Lincoln, etc. 100,000 Bruce Campbell fans can't all be wrong!