Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Pants Are Stinky

And it's not because I haven't washed them, because I washed them just last night. I think there's something about this brand of jeans that is inherently smelly, (Old Navy men's black jeans). So, apologies to my coworkers. I'm not a dirty person. It's just these jeans. I swear!

I thought I'd Google "clean jeans" to see what came up, and I got this link called "Musthave: clean jeans". It's Dutch. Anyone want to offer a partial translation?


Anonymous said...

Here's a partial translation Rain... Clean jeans are the "musthave" for summer: simply put; clean, beautiful, neat jeans that combine well with a jacket or shirt. If ever there was a practical piece of clothing, it certainly is the denim jeans. We have seen jeans in the past years go through all sorts of changes. Snow-washed, stone-washed, bleached with folds and stripes, decorated with decals, embroidered, unravelled, and torn. This spring jeans are going back to basics. The "clean jeans" is completely free of any adornment and therefore a real eyecatcher. Aren't you glad I can read Dutch ?

Rain said...

Oh man, thanks! Guess I'll have to put away my Bedazzled jeans and hope for a future fashion comeback!