Thursday, June 16, 2005

These Shoes Suck

I watched 30 Days last night (the premiere will re-run Sunday at 11pm, and perhaps other times--check your guide) and have to say, I loved it. I know Spurlock is getting some flack for partaking in a short-term "experiment"--minimum wage living--that people have to live with every day of their lives, but I still felt it was effective. Sure, following some real "working poor" around for 30 days might have been more honest, but that's not the point of the show...

But what was most frightening to me was that they were living those 30 days in Ohio, where the cost of living is considerably lower than it is in San Francisco (come on--that 350 bucks a month apartment was huge, even if it was in a bad area). How the HELL does any minimum wage worker survive in this town, where one-room apartments START at 1000 a month?

The minimum wage is ridiculous, the fact that it hasn't been raised in almost 10 years is re-DONK-ulous, and the cost of living in this City makes me want to cry. I'll never complain about my job again.

Or, at least until tomorrow.

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