Thursday, June 23, 2005

Quoted at the Scene, a Mr. Nelson said, "HA Ha!"

This story reminds me of that Bugs Bunny cartoon where he and Daffy are competing in a game show for a prize of "1 million bucks," and the prize is revealed to actually be 1 million BOX...Cut to a huge box filled with a million tiny boxes.

Which reminds me--Cartoon Network stopped showing old Looney Tunes cartoons a while back, and that totally bummed me out. Anyone know if they started again? Or if there is another network that does? I'm hoping my digital cable install this weekend will result in SOME classic cartoon watching, preferably of the looney variety.


Chuck said...

Doesn't Boomerang show Looney Tunes? I don't get that network, but I thought that was the point of it -- new stuff is on Cartoon Network, older stuff (esp. Hanna Barbera) is on Boomerang.

Rain said...

Ah crap. Doesn't look like Comcast offers Boomerang in any of their digital packages. STUPID COMCAST!!!

But I will get Nicktoons, which airs "Invader Zim" reruns, so at least there's that.