Friday, December 16, 2005


I watched the season finale of "The Apprentice" last night, and have to say I'm a little torn about the ending. On the one hand, I think it was kind of a dick move on Randal's part to not say Rebecca should be hired, too. But on the other hand I think he had a point when he said the show is called "The Apprentice" and not "The Apprenti" [sic!] Trump didn't have the balls to just hire the both of them, and instead tried to get Randal to do his dirty work. And Randal was having none of that crap.

But cry not for Rebecca, as she already has an $150,000 job offer.


kmeelyon said...

I thought it was so weird that Trump gave that decision to Randal. And it was kind of a set-up that made him look bad when it wasn't a decision for him to make.

Rain said...

Yeah. I think Trump was pissed about all the rumors about him hiring them both, so he wanted to "twist" that by having Randal make the decision instead. It was really pretty stupid of him.