Thursday, December 01, 2005


The papa problems continued with last night's episode of "Lost." I'm not the biggest fan of the Kate, but I did like how her crime fit into the whole "Island of Misfits with Daddy Issues" trend.

That said, I didn't buy all of it. For some reason, Kate just doesn't strike me as the white trash type. I think I'll have to rewatch the episode where she visits her mother in the hospital to see if that was implied there, though. I also hated the horse thing. HATED.

I was mighty pleased they actually showed us the spliced footage this episode, and didn't make us wait until January to see it. However, what it ended up being about didn't really shed any more light on the matter. We already got that they weren't supposed to use the computer for any other thing but entering the code, and the missing film certainly didn't explain what would happen if they did.

And I'm assuming that talking to the possible ghost or astral projection of your missing son is on the list of things not to use the computer for.

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