Monday, December 12, 2005

Freight Trains

Christmas is barreling down on me like a freight train, and I haven't even gotten my tree yet. Oy! Prepping my house for a tree takes an entire day's worth of furniture rearranging and junk discarding, and I haven't had a free day yet this month to do that. Birthdays, weddings, volunteer gigs, out of town jaunts, ending seven-year jobs and final projects for school have meant I haven't had time to wash a dish let alone get in the Christmas spirit. And that's kind of sad.

But I turn in my final school project tonight and leave my job for good on Wednesday, and aside from a potentially stressful job interview this Thursday, my days are looking a lot freer.

As for this here blog, there's been little to speak about in regards to TV since most shows are on Christmas break. Instead, here's a photo of a tiny toy monkey, which is part of my final project for a photography class I've been taking. Once I turn the photos in I'll try and post the best on Flickr or something.

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JessRedRose said...

Tiny! Toy! Monkey! I love that photo, make me a print sometime?