Friday, December 02, 2005

We Don't Like Potatoes--We Like MEAT

If you're lucky enough to get BBC America in your cable line-up, be sure to catch the U.S. premiere of the Aardman Animation series Creature Comforts tonight at 8 p.m. Those of you who have seen the original Academy Award-winning short (and if you haven't do so RIGHT NOW, here) know the basic premise of the show: Interviews with everyday Brits are used as the dialogue in animated shorts featuring various animals. (My favorite character in the original film is the Brazilian lion.)

The original short will also air on BBC America, along with a Christmas special. I'm pleased as punch that I have this to look forward to tonight!

Edited to add: Well, at least I didn't plan my night around it. The BBC America site clearly says that the show premieres tonight, but according to TiVo, it's not on until Monday at 11am. What gives?

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