Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

Christmas Robot
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So please, take me to your leader.

I'm back from vacation. Having two days off work is a little less exciting knowing that a mere week from now I will be on permanent vacation. (OK. Hopefully not permanent. But at least for a month or so.)

The whole losing-my-job-thing has become a bit more acceptable to me now. Truth is, I had really been pretty miserable at my job for a while. And instead of up-an-quitting, as I had wanted to do for a while, I am now getting paid to leave, which is a pretty sweet deal when you think about it.

But I still can't help but worry about it just a little bit. Thankfully, I have just the answer to those worries: Lottery tickets! I mean, the more I buy, the more likely I am to win the big money, right?

Man. I'm so glad I have a PLAN.

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