Wednesday, November 30, 2005

This Just In!

I'm unemployed.


So, if anyone knows of a job, please, do tell.

For now, I am going to walk away from this damn computer, and get some fresh air.


Monique said...

Holy sheeioly!

Rain said...

My sentiments exactly.

I've got two more weeks (although how much of that time I will spend actually WORKING is open to debate) and some severance, so it's not straight to the soup lines for me.

But apologies in advance for the lame presents (read: NO presents) you'll all be getting for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

This is like your living Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". It's totally fucked up. How dare they !!


rachael said...

at least they were nice about the timing. fuckers. oh, me next me next, fingers crossed...