Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Check Eeeet Out!

My friend Rachael has an interview up on SFist!

Read it! Read it now!


Chuck said...

I don't know Rachael's address but wanted to say that she was right and I was wrong. Dollywood opened in 1986. My family and I went to OPRYLAND, which is in Nashville, not Knoxville, and I was still young enough to be scared of the roller coaster.

rachael said...

chuck! the amusement parks of the southland are nearly interchangeable. it is expected that one as young as yourself would get them confused. i too, went to Opryland in my youth, but I was afraid of the song and dance routines on the main stage there, and was just fine with the coaster. fun fact: Reese Witherspoons first acting job was a commercial for Opryland.

thanks rain, for pointing out my interview!