Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Slo-Mo = Boo-Hoo

Thanksgiving came inbetween me and a post about the latest episode of "Lost." But as far as I can remember, I liked it, and cried at the end, and then got totally pissed that I cried at the end, because they used such cliches to make me cry (reunions, slow motion, and sappy music) and I HATE it when cliched sentiment works on me, (which, incidentally, it usually does.)

On tonight's' episode, we supposedly learn more about "What Kate Did," which I'm guessing is more than shooting a guy to get to a toy airplane. And you better savor the episode, because if this site is correct, it'll be the last new episode until JANUARY 11TH!! I'm all for breaks from the slavery of primetime viewing, but that's a little severe. And what really pisses me off is its leaving doesn't give me the opening to watch any other show I've had to miss because of my "Lost" priorities. Martha's "Apprentice" airs at the same time, but I TiVo that the next day on CNBC already, (and getting to watch it a day earlier is no big score, believe me.)

I WILL however, be truly thankful when this boring-ass season of "The Amazing Race" finally ends, so that I can start watching "My Name Is Earl" or even "Commander-in-Chief" instead. (Of course I could have just stopped watching TAR when I realized it was going to suck, but that's a whole other matter...)

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