Thursday, November 10, 2005

Walt, You're Really Beginning to Piss Me Off

Last night's "Lost" wasn't the fake out I thought it would be, and I'm equal parts sad and unimpressed by that.

The minute I saw Sayid and Shannon walking in the same kind of tall grass the Tailaways had been walking through, I knew they were going to meet, and I knew it would probably be ugly. That one moment when "Cindy" disappeared made me think for a few minutes that, indeed, it was going to be a fake-out, and the castaway that would be "lost forever" was just going to be her.


Since the whole Sayid-Shannon love affair did nothing but make me cringe, I can't say I was that upset to see it come to a decidedly definitive end. My only wish now is that Sayid go all medieval on Michelle Rodriguez's ass. Also, what the HELL is up with her teeth? Has she always had teeth that look like dentures? It's like she's got one continuous upper tooth. All the same size and length. All shiny.

As for Walt--he's gone from creepy to annoying. Dude. Enough with the spectral sneaking around, and the backwards talking. If all you've got to say is "They're coming and they're close," I don't think we need all the backwards-masking with it. Forwards or backwards, it's obviously not very helpful information...


Jeff said...

I was disappointed in the show last night. Though Maggie Grace is not the greatest actress, her character had some possibilities. It seemed like they just needed to do some housecleaning in order to make room for the three new regulars. I wish they would have killed that crabby Aussie bitch.

And it looks like the hatch stuff is now an afterthought. The writers have ADD.

Rain said...

I don't think the hatch stuff is an afterthought. Just because they didn't show the hatch this week, doesn't mean they've forgotten about it. Also, this episode gave us more clues about the connections between the passengers, and as someone on another site pointed out, Thomas Gibson was on last night's episode as a "Greg DeGroot." As in the DeGroots that started the Hanso project.

Perhaps they've been orchestrating these people's lives for a long time...

Jackson said...

I have to admit, I have become a complete addict of Lost. I watched the first few epsiodes of the first season a while back and was like, "eh." Then I happened across a bunch of the weird web stuff they've been doing for this season, and got hooked. Like, spent two hours before the episode Wednesday reading forums hooked.

Good to see that Thomas Gibson is getting work again -- while I hated Dharma and Greg, I loved him in Tales of The City.