Thursday, November 17, 2005

Glass Eyes and Army Knives

I was awaiting last night's episode of "Lost" with a little trepidation. Adding more characters to the show was the last thing I thought it needed, but I have to say I did enjoy seeing how an alternative version of the plane crash went down. Things are a little harder when you don't have a doctor and half a plane-full of supplies to get you through 48 days on a deserted island.

I pondered why the Others seemed to target the Tailaways more than our beloved castaways, and I think it's because the others might be geographically closer. Also, the Tailaways weren't subjected to polar bears and giant jungle monsters, so perhaps that "security system" the original castaways were subjected to was, indeed, a system that helped to keep the Others away?


In other news, Michelle Rodriguez's teeth continue to freak me out.


Chuck said...

That picture doesn't work, and I don't want to look for a picture for fear of more spoilers. What's wrong with her teeth?

And hey! That's Rain! She's on the show now?

Rain said...

The link is fixed. I think. No spoilers in the picture, unless her teeth prove to be some kind of monster that kills everyone on the island.

Dude. The minute you see the word "Lost" in any of these posts, you should stop reading! Of course at this point, I'm begining to lose sympathy when it comes to spoilers. You've got the DVDs. WATCH THEM!!!

Jeff said...

I was underwhelmed with last night's show. Hard to really care about of the tailaways when we know so litle about them. The clinical psychologist is crazy now, and the strong silent type (Mr. Eko) is a cliche they could do without. Analucia is not compelling in any way - the character or the actress. I relaize they had to bring on new characters in season two to keep things fresh, but I am not impressed thus far.

Rain said...

Dude. At this point, if I were you, I'd just stop watching.

megc said...

That cloud of whatever looks like a giant mouse!