Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hey! I Thought This Was a Blog About TV!

Not your thinly disguised jealousy of all women!


''Over There'' has been cancelled. I watched about five or six episodes and quickly grew tired of it. I'm not a fan of war movies or war shows in general, so I wasn't the ideal audience, but the big thing that bugged me about the show was it never seemed to have the guts to have an opinion about the war. Its constant need to have it both ways was quite frustrating.

And let the "Lost" novel tie-ins begin! I was trying to remember if I ever read any TV book tie-ins, and all I could come up with is one "X-Files" novel I once got as kind of a gag Christmas gift. I also read three "Star Wars" books, but I guess that doesn't really count...I never delved into the "Buffy" books. I wonder if my intense love for "Lost" will compell me to check this one out? And I wonder if the same will hold true for the "Arrested Development" tie-in that's coming out?

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