Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Somebody Call a Waaambulance!

Diane Wurts complains about reruns. In past years, I too hated it when networks would start to air reruns a mere few weeks into the new season. But now that I watch so much damned TV, I actually welcome these breaks. Seriously, if I had to watch the amount of TV I do consistently for four months without any breaks, I'd become even more of a shut-in than I already am.

I appreciate that many cable networks eschew the rerun trend in favor of having shows run straight through (although maybe if they didn't do that we wouldn't have to wait 17 years between seasons of "The Sopranos"), but when it comes to the networks? I'll take all the breaks I can get.

Which reminds me: "Lost" is a rerun tonight. AND I DON'T MIND!

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