Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sympathy for the Devil

My Pa made a brief appearance on a news segment that KPIX aired last night concerning the Rolling Stones concert and all the whining babies who were complaining about the noise. You can watch it, for now, here. (Look for "Rolling Stones Concert Rocks San Francisco.")

My father isn't really whining, and is only in it for a second, but there you go.


Chuck said...

Lame! The way they edited it would make you think that he was complaining about the noise, but he wasn't. (At least on the video -- for all I know, he was flagging down the news crews to bitch about it, and they only used the parts they did because the rest was filled with swear words).

In fact, nobody except that one dinner party and the woman walking her dog seemed to be complaining about it. Is it possible that people weren't really annoyed by the concert, and CBS was just looking for a way to justify a dozen lame Stones references as a news story?

Rain said...

Also, the last guy in the segment, the one who thinks it's all dandy, owns "Goat Hill Pizza," where several of my friends once worked.

Not at all important, but just further evidence that San Francisco is a very small town.