Friday, November 11, 2005

Will I Ever Stop Crying?

According to this article, the cancellation of "Arrested Development" seems imminent. Fox has cut the season order, and is going to pull it off the air until December.

OK. Now I'm not crying. Now I'm FUMING.

I hope Save Our Bluths updates their site soon, and gets those campaigns aflowing if only to get another network interested in picking it up, because when have the asshats at Fox every done the right thing?


Chuck said...

Well, maybe there's still hope for another network. There was some story a while ago (maybe in Entertainment Weekly?) about how Fox had more programming than they could fit into their schedule, and they hadn't expected that dumb "Prison Break" show to be a hit.

Would the show be as funny if they had cameos from UPN celebrities instead of Malcolm in the Middle?

Rain said...

I just hope the "high cost" of the show's production doesn't scare other channels away...

And I'll admit to liking that dumb "Prison Break" show...but not nearly as much as "AD." The thing is, even when they have a hit, Fox manages to screw things up, (if rumors of them taking "Prison Break" off the air until May are true).

Chuck said...

I just don't get what's so high cost about the show. Almost everything's on location, so it's more expensive than a 2-set sitcom, but it's not as expensive as something like "Firefly." And there's a big cast, but no really high-salary stars as far as I can tell.

I wonder if all the talk about high cost is just Fox's justification for not running it on FX or something.