Wednesday, March 16, 2005

And The Winners of the Meat Eating Contest Are....

I know. It's just too easy.

I don't know what else to say about last night's episode of The Amazing Race except that Rob is a quitter. A big fat quitter. A quitter that was able to use the quitting rules to his advantage, but he's still a quitter, and for that, I really hope he and Amber do not win.

Of course I fault the show for creating an eating challenge that very few people would be able to actually finish. By making the challenge about the quantity of the food, and not what the food is (yeah, yeah, cow salivary glands. Whatever. That stuff was so well done I'm sure it all tasted the same), then they're just setting up a challenge that will take a long time, and most likely won't be done by most. And thus, they're making it easier for people to accept the penalty. If people are going to take two hours or more to finish eating everything, why not just take the four hour penalty?

Whatever. Rob is not some brilliant schemer. He did what others would have no doubt done as well, he just did it first.

And so I applaud Alex for getting through all that meat and making it to first place by actually racing.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the true carnivores. The top three teams this week are my offcial favorites:Alex and Nathan Lane, Uchenna and Joyce (The "want a mint?" comment was just too endearing), and Brian and Gregg, the two hapless brothers. I am disappointed at the loss of Debbie and Bianca, but how long did they drive along the Chilean seacoast before they realized they were not traveling East (andes, argentina and the rest of the teams).


Rain said...

I know. And after taking that extra step to plan their route before leaving town. Pretty dumb.

Those shots of the highway through the Andes were amazing. I can't imagine driving through that!